Chew Bittel has been a leader in the local siding industry for over 131 years. Obviously, when our company was founded, we were limited to the availability of product offering, but as manufacturing has accelerated during the 20th century, we have maintained our ability to transition with new product offerings.

Our siding options are as follows:

  • Vinyl
  • Cement- Jones Hardie Nichaha
  • Wood-Cedar, T-III
  • Composite-Fiberglass/PVC
  • Aluminum- limited due to lack of product.

Our installers are continually trained on newest installation practices and product updates.

Benefits of Our Siding Services

We can help with color selections and work with our manufacture as to the depleted homeowner selection practices and tools to help product selections and offerings.

We also work with the companies that offer siding accessories to help beautify your home as follows:

Normally replacing siding is seen as a home beautification issue. Unfortunately, we have come to realize that most modern siding are “water resistant” not waterproof. Most of our work is done under the siding to protect your home from moisture intrusion. Having a contractor who understands the complete wall assembly, is extremely important for the overall successful completion of your siding project.

We have a complete design team that can help with your selection process and will provide over 60 years of experience to not only beautify your home but also to protect your investment.

When you're looking for a professional siding company, contact us to get a free quote from professionals who know how to get the job done right.